Email Marketing

A small piece of communication can change lives for better, we want to move your prospects from “You’ve got mail!” to “You’ve got a lifetime deal!”

Grow your lists, increase conversions, and optimize your audience engagement with beautiful emails and autoresponders, high-converting web forms, laser-sharp segmentation, and unique delivery tools.


Great Design and Copy

We create engaging stories that connect, touch and move your audience to action.


Landing Pages

Landing pages that capture attention, essential details furthering the sale and beyond


Marketing Automation

Intelligence-driven automation. Segment, send, convert, rinse and repeat based on interaction and behaviors.


Powerful Integrations

Integrate your email marketing with ongoing social, content and authority campaigns (Webinar, Podcast)


Featured Case Studies

  • Our optimization project – website redesign and search engine optimization resulted in 32% more conversions in traffic and 8% client sign-ups.

    Henry Maris CEO - Teachsub

Features you will love..

Compelling Copy

With hundreds of customizable settings, including fonts, colors, and page configurations, every Growth Basket website can be made to look unique with just a few clicks and we give you the power to do that.

Auto Responders

With Growth Basket posts, all Content Block types (text, image, gallery, video, audio, etc.) are available for use in each blog entry. Schedule posts, Enable social sharing and syndicate your feed.


All Growth Basket pages are completely responsive and look great on all modern devices, this includes text, image, gallery sections as well. Images scale to the screen resolution.

Awesome Design

Set up your store with products you want to sell, with Image Zoom on product images and Quick View in product lists to give shoppers the best browsing experience. We also integrate payment gateway, checkout forms and email marketing.

Split Test

Growth Basket has been developing some of the best websites on the internet and includes all known best practices for SEO such as robust keyword research and natural usage, sitemaps, tags, robots.txt, alt tags for images and right indexing.

Powerful Intergations

We at Growth Basket add gallery Blocks anywhere on your website and offer presentation variations, including slideshows, sliders, grid layouts, and more. Integrated lightbox functionality allows for full-browser-sized imagery.

Social Links

We make it easy to display social network profile links, letting your visitors follow you on every major network. A variety of design styles help keep your site experience consistent and socially active.


The incredibly robust Form integration supports over 20 different data types, such as addresses, currency, emails, and text fields, making it easy to capture data from your site visitors. We use Jot forms and gravity forms to make this possible.

Mobile Optimized

We integrate google maps into your website with precise location that will help your customer to locate and find directions to either your store or office with ease. We also integrate google analytics to track search and visits.

Geo Tracking

We integrate newsletter signups from your website and help you build mailing lists with any email service provider, by default we offer an integration with the Mailchimp’s basic plan.


Our websites include a curated set of fonts from Google’s font library that improves your site experience and design. We empower our clients with the power of choice.

Automate Lifecycle

Growth Basket offers the commenting system on your website with Disqus by simply adding your Disqus ID in your Website Manager.

Autopilot Campaigns

See how your visits, unique visitors, and pageviews trend over time. Gain insight into the top traffic sources, products, device types, browsers and operating systems by visits integrated and real-time with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Integration

We offer portfolio system that syncs images from your media storage and stores them on amazon web services if need be, so you don’t need to load the images from your server saving precious load time.

Conditional Content

We offer premium WordPress hosting from Kinsta and Get Flywheel hosting that is world class ensuring awesome speed, security, service, and scalability. We rigorously monitor to avoid downtimes and ensure your site is always active.

SMTP Emails

The performance of your WordPress sites has and always will remain one of the top priorities for us. Because of that, we have partnered up with KeyCDN, an HTTP/2 content delivery network with 30+ locations, to turbocharge your assets and media around the globe.

API Integrations

We integrate email by Google (Paid) or Zoho (FREE) with your Domain, you can do more than just email, you can use popular business tools such as Docs, Drive Calendar and CRM.

Site Tracking

We provide a robust internal search engine that helps your readers with accurate search results in real-time across your whole website.

24/7 Email Support

We offer email support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. All customer care team members are employees in our offices, and typically respond to help requests in about 3 hours.

Powerful Analytics

Our default websites are WordPress based however we do work with our partners to provide custom code in the platform of your choice (PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Angular JS, Django, Java…) based on the objectives of your website.

Businesses and thought leaders ♥ us because of these top 4 reasons…


Conversion Intent Design

Every pixel & design.
Great user experience.
Funnel matters.


Data Driven Approach

Every touch point.
Clarity on what’s working.
Rapid prototype approach.


Our Delivery Commitment

Every project.
Time is money.
Quality is high priority.


Skilled Domain Expertise

14 domains.
Collaboration at scale.
On demand support.


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